imagesThe Queen Bey is at it again!  No formation can be complete without dominating the entire television scene right?  That’s the approach megastar Beyonce and her management team, Parkwood, are taking.  There has been news that Beyonce is in the works of launching her own TV network.  It will be live within the next decade.  Rumors are saying though most expect reality TV shows and scripted series about the african american communities superstar lifestyles, but  projections are that the content will be focused on education.  

487073448_beyonce-zoom-667eecfa-febc-468a-8af7-a22c7b0bc8d1“Her entertainment company Parkwood is doing very well and her desire is to create a network so she can have the freedom to bring the ideas of her closest creative friends to life,” a source said.  “It sounds like a great deal of the network’s plan will be based around education, such as docu-series about African and American history.”

Everyone is comparing her to the famous actress turned television network owner, Oprah.  We will see who becomes the infamous Pretty Hustla in the end!

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