Stefflon Don is an International Rapper, born in Birmingham, England.  When she was four years old her Jamaican Parents move their family to the Netherlands. Stefflon Don would not return to London until age fourteen. Stefflon Don decided to commit to hip-hop music in 2015. Since then her music expresses her strong personality and full on sexuality.


Here are five need to know facts about Stefflon Don:



  • Steff is the First U.K. Artist to be featured on XXL’s Freshman Cover.
  • Signed to one of the most popular Independent Labels , Quality Control.
  • The two scars on her face (that she dons proudly, pun intended) were from two childhood injuries.
  • Contrary to popular belief the name “Stefflon Don” is not inspired by Rapper Teflon Don. Stefflon Don is a play on words, being as though her given name is Stephanie and she’s from London.
  • She speaks two languages both English and Dutch. Even adding in an English Creole dialect known as Jamaican Patois.




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