imageThe cosmetics industry has a number of components but one of the most lucrative arenas is the lip industry; From balms to colored gloss to matte fabulousness. The way a women wears her lips says a lot about her. For years now Pink Directory member, Kai’or Cosmetics, has been assisting beauties in finding the perfect color for any sized lips or skin complexion.

imageOwner and CEO of multiple entities in the beauty industry, Keysha Kaior built her legacy through giving women an outlet to express their individuality with what others would call an outlandish color choice.  Yet, what Keysha calls a dream come true. Her lipsticks, balms, and glosses come in a number of varieties of color, texture, and length wear.  The prices are great and the amount of time you can have a tube is unbelievable.

imageGet your Summer 16 Lips poppin’ in no time by taking a visit to the Pink Directory and clicking the link to the Kai’or site!

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