It is official that the most amazing president to ever step foot in the White House, is no longer our president, and the ingrate that our country elected has taken office.  The inauguration of Trump was historic in and of itself.  The first inauguration that over half the democratic congressman didn’t attend, plus the backlash of every artist refusing to perform for him.  He barely had any regular citizens in attendance.  

The real moment in history though, was the day immediately following his inauguration where over one million people across the nation, and the world, came out to March for women’s rights and their protest of Trump being president.  

The march was spurred by a simple Facebook post that someone started as an organized and sustained protest against Trump in office even after he made such lewd comments about how he treated and viewed women.  It was a counter inauguration, and it was definitely so much bigger than the official inauguration.  

Women and men gathered all over the country to stand up for what they feel America should be doing to make itself great again, and having Trump in office isn’t one of them.

In Chicago there were over 250,000, in Manhattan over 400,000, in Atlanta over 60,000 louse larger numbers in places like Los Angeles, Phoenix, Boston, Minnesota, and MORE.  Of course the march on Washington turned out a whopping 500,000!!! There was where Janelle Monae made a statement while leading a chant with “Sandra Bland! Sandra Bland!”.   She was also joined on stage in front of the momentous crowd with the “Mothers Of Movement” whom are the mothers whose children have been killed due to unfair police brutality as they chanted their children,s names in front of the crowd.  There were so many celebrities spotted all over the country at many of the marches including Rihanna.  


Who’s to say whether the march will be effective as Donald Trump tried to go out of his way to avoid the one in Washington yesterday, we can only hope, pray and see.  

God Bless America.

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