This past 2020 election has been a focal point on everybody’s mind, even though it’s been a full month after the election. Now that the hype is dying down, let’s not forget the importance of the black vote. This election we turned out in droves to get rid of Trump, but we should have that same political vitriol for all the elections.

Whether or not you are hopeful about the future Biden administration, we are not in the clear. Bring that same energy to your local elections so we can get more people who care in office.

“Get involved in local politics, each region is different,” says Mildred H.M. Bailey-Abril who ran for District 3 City Council in Moreno Valley, California. She got interested in politics at a young age because she wanted to bring more funding to tax paying citizens in her community. “People don’t understand that it is your congressman, your treasurer, the people in your city are the ones that will directly impact you. Local politics affects your everyday life. Every child should know what their worth is and who they are in this world,”

One of the platforms Bailey-Abril focused on was financial education being incorporated in both public and private school curriculums. Having more citizens interested in their local elections could have brought real tangible change to the Moreno Valley area and get rid of the gate keepers of financial literacy.  

It is understandable to feel daunted in a system that discounts our voice and call it ‘voter fraud’, especially because it seems like the government does nothing to address issues that directly affect us. In spite of the positive outcome of her efforts, you still will find a huge amount of black people who are still holding on their belief of not seeing a point of voting. It’s no secret that mail in voting, early voting and the powerhouse that is Stacey Abrams all worked together to increase black voter turnout, but we can’t lose this momentum if we want to see a change that matters.

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