Imagine bringing dope art, trendsetting WEALTH apparel and unlimited Hennessy all under one roof— for three days! It instantly becomes one the hottest events of Art Basel weekend. It was a shopping experience unlike any other, with apparel and contemporary urban art for sale. Tyra Myricks, owner of WEALTH and daughter of the legendary Jam Master Jay hosted this pop up shop alongside the prestigious cognac, Hennessy. At an intimate art gallery nestled in the heart of Wynwood, people gathered for the chance to get first dibs on exclusive merchandise from the popular WEALTH brand and enjoy Hennessy to their leisure.

WEALTH apparel is the brainchild of Myricks and is what I can describe as authentic urban wear. This brand is one that you can’t go wrong with when selecting pieces. Although pieces are sold separately, they all complement each other so well that they can be worn together.

The art work was vibrant and created great energy as we walked through the halls discussing the images we saw and the way it made us feel.


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