#Relationship Goals: Out With The Old, In With The Young?

The old saying “Age ain’t nothing but a number” must be true! We’ve grown accustomed to seeing younger women pursue, date and marry older men. It’s been a “thing” for centuries across different cultures. From Hugh Heffner to Ana Nicole, we
have witnessed relationships with astonishing age differences. Well the paradigm is shifting and it seems as if the cougars are reigning supreme!
We have a lot of women dating younger men, or should I say boys? Honestly these women seem to be having a good time, they seem genuinely happy, but do we see longevity? That’s debatable…

Keyshia Cole & Nicole Khale

These two songbirds share a 14-year age difference but that doesn’t stop them from displaying their affection. The two are constantly posting each other on their social media accounts and sharing the sweetest messages. I believe some things should be
private, but if they like it, I love it.


Blacc Chyna & YBN Almighty Jay

We’ve watched Chyna finesse her way from the King of Diamonds pole to reproducing a Kardashian heir, talk about growth! She’s been linked to several men
in the past but her latest guy is merely 18 years old! Now even though there is only a ten-year age difference, the couple is under constant scrutiny. The scrutiny must come from the fact that we believe that Chyna will secure the bag by any means
necessary so we are just waiting to see what the “gag” really is…

Amber Rose & 21 Savage

Although it seems as if Amber Rose and 21 Savage have taken up vacancy in “Splittsville”, they deserve an honorable mention for their relationship. Amber is 9 years older than the “Bank Account” singer. Rose seems to definitely be affected by their breakup leading us to believe it was a legit union. Hoping these two are able to patch things up, if not, can someone tell Wiz Khalifa its time to send the “hey bighead” text. Lets chat, are young men the new wave?


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