A few days ago news hit that Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual misconduct. Next in the hot seat is Mr. Bump N’ Grind himself, R Kelly. For decades there has always been a stigma around R. Kelly for his countless accusations of alleged sexual misconduct (sometimes with minors— allegedly). Although he was never convicted of the crimes, it seems as if the Cosby verdict has everyone on edge and they are quickly trying to cut ties with the singer. Remember just the other day he was accused of holding women hostage? Crazy, I know!


Time’s Up is a movement and legal defense fund against sexual harassment. Their latest campaign, #MuteRKelly is gaining national attention as they unite with celebrities such as Ava DuVernay, Jussie Smollett, and even Tom Joyner has banned his music from being played on his nationally syndicated radio show.  The movement is aimed at boycotting the “Trapped In The Closet” singer and calling for thorough investigation into these brazen sexual harassment accusations that have lingered for decades.


As usual Kellz maintained his innocence and didn’t seem too concerned about the “rumors”, he took to Instagram to announce that his shows have been cancelled and apologizes to his fans.

See video here: R Kelly Explains Cancelled Shows


Should R Kelly be cancelled, or are we still going to play his hits, because lets face it, they don’t make music like that anymore! Can we separate the art/artist from the man, or are they the same person?


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