Hair glue is used by many beauticians and people who like to look bomb. It used so much we fail to understand that we aren’t supposed to put it on our lashes. The chemicals are so harsh.  It has been reported that a woman actually died from an adverse reaction to hair glue. She didn’t put it on her lashes, but she used it for her weave and died. Hair glue can cause severe allergic reactions to the skin. The eyes are the most sensitive area of the face. The most worrying factor is the slightest irritation to the eye can damage the city, and in severe cases, may cause loss of vision.
All in all, hair glue works excellent on lashes, and they stay on up to 5 days, depending on how active you are. But eyelash glue is safe for your hair follicles, and the adhesive is gentle and won’t pull your hair out. Although it will last up to 24 hours, this is the best way to keep all your natural lashes and avoid eye infections.

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