Farrah Abraham is best known for being on Teen Mom. We remember Hoops Alexander from VH1 shows Flavor of Love and I Love Money. If we know anything about Hoops, we know she’s no stranger to competition.  Earlier this year Farrah Abraham and Nicole “Hoops” Alexander announced they would face off in a celebrity boxing match, and for a good cause. The match is to bring awareness to anti bullying and will take place at The Showboat Hotel in at Atlantic City on November 10th, 2018. The press conference for the celebrity boxing showdown between the two ladies went down at BSquare Burger in Fort Lauderdale on October 26, 2018. Although the main purpose of the match is to help combat anti-bullying, it is still a highly anticipated fight. Many people were in attendance to witness the official press conference. Ciro Dipagio, whose new series Mob King will premiere soon, hosted the Q&A. Celebrity host Samantha Goldberg & Prince of Love & Hip Hop Miami was also present for the action.  Farrah Abraham arrived in a hot pink suit with a sheer bra peaking from underneath. Hoops came shortly after in an all-black bodysuit with rhinestone accents.  It’s obvious both ladies have been taking their diet and exercise regimens for the fight seriously. Farrah revealed that she exercises about 5 hours a day. Hoops told us that that staying away from her favorite foods was the hardest part about this entire process. After taking photos and answering questions it was time for the stare down. Fight promoter Don Feldman reminded the ladies that Anti-Bullying is what they were here for and nothing more. From the looks of things, Charity or not this will be quite a fight! Special thanks to Christine Curan for making sure Pretty Hustlaz was in attendance to bring you guys all the details of last night! So we have to ask, who do you have your money on? Hoops or Farrah?


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