What is Your Vision Board Say For 2019

We are officially 13 days into 2019 and lots of vision board parties are taking place. They range from a brunch with friends and family to extravagant networking event to solo projects. I can honestly say creating a vision board last year did keep me on track for setting my goals and sticking to them. I have seen some fancy vision boards on bulletin boards to the traditional poster size boards. TJ Maxx has start selling beautiful marble vision boards that you can write on using a dry erase markers and they are reusable.

What is a vision board some may ask? A vision  board is simply putting your goals into picture form. To get best results you should place the board somewhere it can be seen daily. Near the refrigerator, bathroom light switch, or inside your walk in closet.  The more you see your vision the harder you work towards attaining it.

Some examples of items that go on visions are: vacation destinations, cars, weddings, children, jobs, finances  and  more. Whatever it is that you are wanting to do or achieve should be listed on your vision board. Cut that picture of Dubai out and looking at every day will remind you to save money rather than buying those shoes. You want a man that look like Idris, go for it sis and put him right on the board. Your vision board should be very personal and the things that you want to achieve.

I highly suggest upon completing your board, praying over it and asking for guidance in achieving what you want. Once this is done, again hang it in a visible place and make your visions become your realities. It is not too late to set 2019 goals if you haven’t done so. If you haven’t made a vision board party that’s cool too, they make fun solo projects as well.


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