As we are transitioning from Summer to Fall, we need to make sure that our skin is protected during the transition. Moisturizing our skin during the Fall to Winter months play a crucial part in keeping dry skin and skin conditions like eczema under control. It is very important to keep in mind that as the season changes, we should also be changing our skin care products. For example, during the summer months using a water based products would be ideal but during seasons of fall and winter you want to use oil based products.

One of the benefits of using oil based products especially during the Fall months, is the protective layer it provides for the skin. It is important especially for exposed skin such as our face to stay moisturized, hydrated, and protected. In addition to keeping our skin moisturized, it is also important to exfoliate as well. In preparation for the seasonal changes of harsh wind and cooler days, exfoliating and moisturizing will be a dynamic duo you won’t want to leave out of your daily routine. This duo keeps the skin glowing all year round!

I have shopped around and found that the best skin care for my skin is all natural products. Once I learned 90% of what we put on our skin is absorbed through our bloodstream, all natural skin care was the only option I considered. After shopping around I can say that I have had no problems or disappointments with my face moisturizer or face scrub by Pampered Love. Pampered Love is an all natural skin care business based out of Illinois. I decided to give Pampered Love a chance and I have never looked back!

Pampered Love’s face moisturizer leaves my skin with a refreshing glow that allows me to be confident walking out of the house with a fresh face look. I also use the moisturizer as a base before applying foundation on those night on the town occasions. If you are looking for all natural face moisturizer I would highly recommend trying it for yourself!
Pampered Love’s Face Moisturizer

Pairing the face moisturizer with a face scrub has left me with smooth skin and an improved natural glow. As well as the face moisturizer, I also use Pampered Love’s face scrub. Listen, when a company is supplying what I not only need but want, they have gained a loyal customer! The face scrub is made with brown sugar and infused with essential oil. How can I go wrong? The scrub leaves my skin soft and hydrated and following up with the moisturizer I feel like it’s winning season everyday! If you are looking for a face scrub to exfoliate but is still gentle on the skin, I also highly recommend trying Pampered Love for yourself!

Pampered Love’s Face Scrub

What skincare routines will you follow leading into Fall to protect your skin? Is all natural products important to you? Comment below let’s talk about it!

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