The Dome Group, R&R Productions and Triad Old School Bring 90s Party to Greensboro Coliseum

Saturday night the Greensboro Coliseum turned into the stage of the ultimate 90s party. The Dome Group, R&R Productions and Triad Old School bought out three of the hottest groups from the 90s for The Three Stripes tour stop in Greensboro. The crowd was mixed of all ages, sexes, and races singing and dancing to their favorite 90s music. It took everyone back to the time when music was fun.

SWV kicked the concert off with their hit single “I’m So Into You” . The soulful sounds of this trio instantly got the crowd on their feet, dancing and singing to each hit. The ladies took the roof off with their rendition of Patti LaBelle’s “If Only You Knew” which featured the beautiful sounds of Coco’s mother. In addition to her mother, Coco’s son and grandparents were also present for the show. Saturday marked Coco’s grandfather’s birthday and boy did he celebrate. From singing along to his favorite songs, to taking pictures with the groups and joining BBD on stage, he definitely had a birthday that he will never forget. The ladies took everyone back with their 1992 hit and ladies anthem ‘Weak’. I got an opportunity to chat with Taj back stage and she was an absolute doll.


Blackstreet with Teddy Riley and David Hollister hit the stage next. There were two new faces that joined them, Lenny Harold and Charlotte native J-Stylz. I got an opportunity to chop it up with J-Stlyz a little back stage and he was so down to earth. I’m excited to see what the future holds for this young artist. The group performed many of Blackstreets hits including “Before I Let You Go” , “No Diggity” and “Don’t Leave Me”. Teddy Riley and David Hollister both did solo performances as well. J-Stylez and Lenny were off stage singing and dancing enjoying the sound of the Blackstreet veterans as they performed. I enjoyed watching them support the other members of the group during their performances.  David blessed the crowd with  “One Woman Man” and other hits, while Teddy got the crowd out the seats and dancing with his mixture of 90s tunes.  During his segment, Teddy blessed a few ladies with a red rose.

BBD was the finale and of course the energy was up as soon as they hit the stage. The group, who recently won the BET Lifetime Achievement Award (as New Edition) had the entire building out their seats and even in the aisles dancing. The group took everyone back to the 90s with their smooth lyrics and hip hop dance moves. They took us back to the New Edition Days with Candy Girl, and even bought a “Candy girl” on stage. Poison of course was highly anticipated and some lucky fans got to display their old school dance skills on the stage with the group, including Coco’s grandfather. BBD and SWV performed their new song “Finally” off their Three Stripes Album. The two groups sounded amazing together. BBD is still as dope and fly today as they were in the 90s.

The show was nothing less than amazing. The flow of the concert, the generosity of the promoters and event staff was great. Each artist gave a memorable performance for those in attendance. For some it was the first time seeing the former members of New Edition,  while others it took them back to first time they saw the group perform. Notably, the concert started at exactly 7:30, so if you wont on time you missed some of SWV’s angelic sounds.

Shoutout to The Dome Group, R&R Productions and Triad Old School for bringing such a dope show to Greensboro. I can’t wait to see what they have planned next.




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