926212_1711828799038971_626603827_nFormer The Parkers sitcom star, Countess Vaughn, is approaching getting back in the game.  On some of the episodes of the BET favorite, they would display her singing talents through various scenarios, but she never really emerged with a singing career.  Maybe her recent marriage has sparked some new inspiration in her life, as she wrote and recorded the video for her single “Do You Love Him?”
It honestly looks like it was shot on an android.  Not the new samsung ones either.  The characters were ridiculous looking, their roles weren’t developed.  Her singing on the actual record wasn’t even impressive!

            After bashing her, there was a comment posted on The Shade Room by Lisa Wu that defended Countess’ disgrace of the music video art.  She claimed that they didn’t have the song mixed or mastered and they also shot the video in 7 hours with a very small budget.  Hollywood-Divas-Reunion-Highlights-amp-Countess-Vaughn-Releases-New-Music-Video-8220Do-You-Love-Him8221-Video-592x351
In my opinion, she should have not done the video at all if the song wasn’t even finished.
How do you all feel about the star trying to get her shine back on?

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