Lil Yachty To Star In “How High 2”

Lil Yachty will star in MTV’s “How High” sequel slated to debut in 2019. Filming began yesterday in Atlanta and I am excited to see the trailer when it comes out. The original “How High” stoner film made its debut in 2001 starring Method Man and Redman where they used the ashes of their deceased friend to fertilize a new strain of marijuana. Long story short, they ace their college entrance exams (while high of course!), end up at Harvard and things get even crazier from there. No doubt that the sequel will be of epic proportions!


This won’t be Yachty’s first time acting, in fact he recently played Green Lantern in “Teen Titans Go To The Movies”, he also played as himself in George Lopez’s TV Land series “Lopez”. We’ve seen him in different roles over the span of his career and at this point we won’t be surprised if he doesn’t land a recurring role or his own show in the very near future. His label has proven to be life changing in every aspect for each artist on the roster, Yachty is no different.


Coach K & P of Quality Control

Quality Control (QC) is a music label that has become a household name. QC was founded by Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “Pee” Thomas, and is home to artist such as Migos, Lil Baby, City Girls, Lil Yachty, and more. They have taken the music industry by storm and are now venturing into the film industry.According to Variety, Lil Yachty will executive produce alongside, Coach K, P, and Brian Sher of Quality Control Music and MTV Producers. The film will be produced by MTV and Universal 1440 Entertainment.

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