Beyonce’ at 2016 SuperBowl Performance

               2016 has started off with a bang, in the month of a leap year we had Kardashian’s going crazy, we had the amazing performances at the Super Bowl, and a new surprise release from Pretty Hustla Queen Bey.  She is one of the most influential black women in the world at the moment, aside from Michelle Obama and Oprah.  She has set many records for African American women in music and is considered an icon in black history. Her influence today is endless.  Last Sunday at the Super Bowl she performed the song “Formation” and then sold millions on her concert tickets just days later. 


Destiny’s Child

            Her legacy started as a young singer in the group Destiny’s Child in 1990 and has continued to be strong even after the group split a few years later.  Working diligently to build her solo career, she became the only african-american pop star constantly topping the charts.  Her status was highly enhanced by her marriage with Hip Hop Mogul and prestiged businessman Sean “Jay-Z” Carter.  To date, “Sasha Fierce”, as her other persona is called, has won over 15 Grammy’s, over 180 awards with Destiny’s Child, and has had more than 10 #1 Singles this decade.  She promotes activism and fighting for what you believe in.  Her impact will be timeless even after her reign has ended.  Take a look below at some of the other awards and records that you probably didn’t know that Beyonce’ set.   


  • Highest paid black actress in the history of cinema.
  • Only artist in history to have all her studio albums win the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album.
  • “I am…Sasha Fierce” holds the record for the most #1 Dance singles off one album with 6.
  • Is the singer with the biggest film début ever with Austin Powers in Goldmember when it grossed $213,307,889 in America alone.
  • Black female artist with the most magazine covers ever (over 300).beyonce-knowles6
  • “Beyonce Heat” is the fragrance with the most units sold in a single day during a personal appearance ever.
  • Youngest artist to ever be awarded with Legend Award at the World Music Awards.
  • Only black musician to cover Allure twice in the past decade.
  • Black musician with the most GQ covers in the last decade.
  • Artist with the most Essence covers the last decade.
  • Artist with the most Ebony covers the last decade.
  • Black artist with the most In style covers in the last decade.
  • Black artist with the most Harpers covers in the last decade.
  • Black musician with the most Bazaar covers the last decade.
  • Black artist with the most Glamour covers the last decade.
  • 1st and only non latin person to cover People’s 50 Los Mas Bellos.
  • 1st and only black artist in history to cover Forbes Magazine.

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