Pretty Hustla Spotlight: Blink Mink Lashes + iTwistOrlando

Pretty Hustlaz is a platform where women in Entertainment, Retail, or Cultural Business can come together to empower each other and essentially build all brands cohesively. Pretty Husta Tamarin KIMBLE is a femtrepeneur to the tee!  She manages her own Orlando based loctician brand as well as her newest investment: Blink Mink Lash Collection. FullSizeRender (10)

It’s a Luxury Mink & Faux Mink Lash Collection.  The brand of “Blink Mink” is built to ensure females feel as empowered as they are.   Kimble’s fun and flirty design adds a twinkle of determination to women’s eyes with product names like “Ambitious Girl”, “Self Made”, and  “Pretty and Powerful”.  Starting in 2015 she developed her brand for women & with women.  Since then she has established a legacy that will leave a lasting effect by working with other Central Florida femtrepreneur owned companies such as Ainka’s Accessories, Luxe & Co. Consultation Group, Cheyenne Kimora and MORE.  FullSizeRender (11)

Blink Mink not only works with other women, Kimble uses her prestige to impact women with her brand through events in the community.  The most recent events she’s hosted have been Gifts & Girlfriends with Ainka’s Accessories and Lunch & Lashes with JSoloMUA.  

Gifts and Girlfriends is a family friendly event that caters to women that enjoy shopping with their girlfriends.  During the event, there are other female entrepreneurs to network with, great conversation between vendors and the girlfriends, as well as music and food for girls to enjoy! This was the second year they brought “Gifts and Girlfriends” to the Central Florida area and there is already talk of a third one!  Be on the lookout!  

Gifts & Girlfriends Event

Gifts & Girlfriends Event

Lunch & Lashes is a premiere intimate event where ladies are encouraged to bring a friend to lunch.  While at lunch, women learn about everyday skincare techniques, makeup tips, and how to apply their Mink Lashes.  Everyone left with a free pair of lashes, a goody bag, and a great feeling about their newest addition to their makeup collection.  This event will be here sooner than you think, too!  At both of these events, Kimble speaks positivity into other women and helps them understand the special gift the femtrepreneur holds in today’s economy.  All the while, showing them how they can look glamorous while doing it!!

Her brand holds power, luxury, and determination.  Three traits that don’t seem connected by first glance, but Blink Mink Lash Collection, iTwistOrlando and the Tamarin Kimble legacy change your outlook on their influence, especially for the femtrepeneur.  Stop by her site or her instagram to see where she is headed in 2016.  Big things coming from Blink Mink and iTwistOrlando soon!  



Instagram: @ITwistOrlando , @BlinkMinkLashes


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