Kylie Jenner’s Holiday Pop Up Experience.

Wow.   Just when you think that the worlds obsession with the Kardashian’s couldn’t get any more ridiculous.  The Kylie Jenner Pop Up Shop: Holiday Experience, proves the full extent that fans will go just to get their hands on some of the products.  Including follow a long list...

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Pretty Hustla Spotlight: Blink Mink Lashes + iTwistOrlando

Pretty Hustlaz is a platform where women in Entertainment, Retail, or Cultural Business can come together to empower each other and essentially build all brands cohesively. Pretty Husta Tamarin KIMBLE is a femtrepeneur to the tee!  She manages her own Orlando based loctician brand as well as her newest...

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Forget Your Man for VDay?

Holidays are for love. Holidays are for fellowship. Holidays Bring people together, but one of the most expensive holidays of the year next to Halloween and Christmas, is Valentine’s day.   There are Feelings flowing over branded Hallmark cards and teddy bear & chocolate manufacturers are working day and...

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