Holidays are for love. Holidays are for fellowship. Holidays Bring people together, but one of the most expensive holidays of the year next to Halloween and Christmas, is Valentine’s day.  
There are Feelings flowing over branded Hallmark cards and teddy bear & chocolate manufacturers are working day and night to supply the gifts every girl loves getting.  black-man-giving-woman-roses
The day is built on the females expectations.  Flowers, candy, shoes, and whatever else females expect are plastered over the Internet for them to gawk at, awaiting the day they get to indulge. Sadly though, does anyone ever fantasize about what they will be getting their man for Valentine’s Day? I’m sure not as much. Most wait ’til the last minute to get these gifts, as most holidays as well.  
If you procrastinated, because you thought it would be easier than pie, Here are some inexpensive and very thoughtful gifts you could prepare for your man this Valentine’s Day…tumblr_lht11n8NU91qdxsry

Borrough’s Beard Oil

In addition to smelling great, the oils also help to moisturize surface skin and condition follicles.  Can be used as a beard oil or as an oil based cologne. Great for all skin-types.

Phillips Norelco Beard Trimmer

10 built-in length settings with an exclusive locking feature, which delivers a precise and customizable trimming experience without multiple separate attachments.  Self-sharpening blades made of finely ground Chromium steel.  Skin-friendly trimmer with rounded tips and comb prevent skin irritation.

Hands holding a gift box isolated on black background

Hands holding a gift box isolated on black background

Harry Winston Chrome Set

This set has everything you need to initiate yourself with the Harry’s way of shaving – and once you see the sharp results, you’ll be in for life.  Harry’s delivers quality craftsmanship, simple design, and modern convenience to guys who know they shouldn’t have to overpay for a great shave.

Gift Cards to Pubs/Sports Bars/Restaurants

Of course, wherever your man likes to frequent with his homies.  This time it can be on you, without you even being there.  

Whatever you do, it will be special if you give the gift with love.  Let us know below how your romantic unveiling of valentines gifts went!

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