Entrepreneurship is a wonderful thing. It can be very rewarding and it’s something that many people wish to accomplish. In the same breath, the age of social media has romanticized being an entrepreneur. No one seems to prepare you for the hard work, obstacles, failures and long nights. My hat will always to go off on people who are out here working to build their own empires. With that being said entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. Even as a business owner there is a good chance you will need to employ other people to keep your business running as it should. These individual as are extremely important to your business and its success. Sometimes certain circumstances don’t allow us to chase our dreams. In other instances people choose to simply go to work and return home to their families and this too is perfectly OK. The bottom line is working a 9-5 is nothing to be ashamed of or for. Don’t allow people, social media or anything else to shame you for the life you live.

Over the weekend, former Cosby Show actor, Geoffrey Owens made headlines for being spotted working at New Jersey Trader Joes.  Yep! You read right. Shamed and made into an entire news headline for simply going to work. Although this situation is a little different, the fact still remains that people have to make a living. Situations change but life goes on. It’s something special about a person who’s willing to make an honest living. Since Geoffrey was once on our TV screens, this is probably a lot harder. Not only was he recognized doing something that many Americans do every day, someone felt it necessary to take pictures and make a mockery of him. Times like this also show that humanity is still alive and well. Celebrities, actors and fans alike all came to his defense.  They made it clear that “Job Shaming” simply won’t be tolerated. I urge you to take these same sentiments with the people around you. The fast food workers, cashiers and public servants are all people working to make a living and make your day to day activities a little easier. So watch your thoughts and actions when it comes to them and the work they do. In the spirit of Labor Day, THANK YOU to all the laborers and workers. You keep the economy going and we appreciate all that you do.

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