Many people don’t know the steps to makeup, it’s not their fault. There has never been a set way to put on makeup nothing is mandatory. However, there are things you can do for a smoother finish. Today we are are going to learn about what you need to have a flawless foundation finish.


Never skip out on primer. Makeup primer is allowed the foundation to be applied smoother and last longer.

Clean your face properly before applying

It’s essential to cleanse your skin correctly before applying the foundation. By doing so, it will prevent clogged pores and remove any dirt that may affect your flawless result. Be sure to exfoliate the skin to avoid an unevenly or flaky look.

Less is more

Be sure to use a little bit of foundation. It is better for a more natural flawless look. During the day, our skin produces oil that will soon make your face look shiny. Also, much foundation oxidizes after a while, so to prevent from looking orange, a light application will do.

Highlight before foundation

To give a glowing look, be sure to highlight the “T” zone first and blend to the gods.

Check foundation in natural lighting

Doing a lighting check will prevent you from looking like Casper before you hit the town. You will be surprised by how this saves your whole look. Don’t forget to blend as much as possible.

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