Avocado oil is abundant in fatty acids, vitamins A, D, and E, potassium, lecithin, and many other components that can nourish the skin. Although potassium can not be absorbed through the surface, it may enhance your skin’s moisture and feel. Lecithin is an ingredient used in various skincare products responsible for restoring hydration.
Fatty acids are one of the critical elements in a natural skincare regime, where omega-3s and omega-6s are found used as the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. There fore essential for maintaining skin hydration, leaving the skin plumper, and youthful.A diet with in omega-3s may help prevent or reduce acne. At the same time, vitamins A, D, and E found in avocado oil help moisturize and guard your skin against damaging UV rays.The fat content that an avoicado has alond with the antioxidant levels and anti-inflammatory properties makes it a exceptional ingredient for your the skin
use :You may use avocado oil in  daily your skincare routine by rubbing the oil into your skin, or adding it to your lotion or after shaving in the shower

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