Beauty Tip Tuesday’s : Beauty on a Budget| Tips to Keep it Cute

Maintaining a fully kept appearance can be expensive. Wax , nails , eyebrows , hair, fragrance the list is goes on. Here are some Tips that can cut your beauty expenses in half.


There are many ways to cut the cost that your paying for your  nails . The price that your paying for your nails can be reduced with these simple options.

  • Buy your own nil polish and either get your nails or toes done at the salon and finish up at home. |e. Buying pink nail polish and asking the lady for acrylic or a fill giver her your nail polish and then do your toes when you get home.
  • Press ons are easy to put on and are used on feet and toes .

Hair Removal

Waxing may cost a few bucks but there are other hair removal  you may want to try while budget crunching.

  • Shaving –  instead of buying shaving cream you can use oil or soap that you already have.
  • Nair (–or another chemical hair remover)  instead of waxing can cut cost by a lot  considering that 1 wax can run 50-80 dollars a month wile using near which cost around 5-12 dollars per bottle with atlas 20 uses out of it.

Skin Care

  • Instead of spending  8-40 dollars on a face cleanser  you can look up DIY face care recipes .


  • Using wigs saves time and money a whole hair style within a few minutes.

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