Honey has many benefits and can be use for many different things. Other than being super delicious honey can help with  a lot of beauty problems we may face day-to-day.

Dry LipsImage result for honey

After exfoliating your lips softly with a toothbrush, putting a thin layer of honey right after is the perfect product to naturally soften the lips up also leaving them less irritated.

Split Ends

By applying  a mixture of olive oil and honey to the ends of your hair before you go to bed and leaving it on overnight may fix your split ends.

Black Heads

A mixture of honey and lemon on black heads overnight can treat black heads and also improve the skin.


Reduce the appearance of a scar by leaving raw honey on it over night.


Apply honey to a pimple cover with a bandage and leave over night and watch it shrink.


Honey is greats for many things weight lost, wound healer and it is a antioxidant properties make it the perfect natural healer. Let us know in the comments below which honey beauty cure you chose to try and your experience with it.

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