B.Simone Releases Short Film for Debut EP “Stack Now Cry Later”.

The highly anticipated debut EP for Rapper, Singer, Actress extraordinaire has finally hit Apple Music ! B. Simone released her project “Stack Now Cry Later” 2 days ago and it is blazing.  It features “Trap n’ B” beats alongside some sensual melodies to spread the appeal to all her fans.  SNCL was inspired by her viral “Fuck Boy” video which got millions of views across multiple major blog profiles and is still a relatable topic between her and her fans today!  You can see the tone of the EP by even taking a look at some of the single titles including “BlueBerry Rain” and “In My Bag”.

Whether on Snapchat talking about how her car looks or discussing boys with her celebrity friends, she always finds the time to get her work in, and it shows from the studio production of this project.  Features from the likes of Damar Jackson, Ferow, and Nautica Nicole, the project is definitely a piece of art.  Take a look at the track list below.  Download and listen wherever it is you listen to music TODAY !

  1. Intro Feat Nautica Nicole
  2. Fv_cked OVer
  3. Her (Skit)
  4. Blueberry rain
  5. Mixed Feelings (Skit)
  6. Play Feat Damar Jackson
  7. Read Reciepts (Skit)
  8. Playa
  9. XL Mad (Skits)
  10. On a Lighter Note (Part II)
  11. How Sway (Skit)
  12. In My Bag (Skit)
  13. London Bae (Skit)
  14. Poppin Feat Ferow
  15. Be a G
  16. Trap Wife

All of the beats are original and just as dope as B.Simone !!! If you are looking for a heartfelt songstress with some depth and fire to her voice, you have found the right one! To introduce the EP, she released a short film featuring songs like “BlueBerry Rain”, “Fv_cked Over”, “Playa” and MORE !

Check it out below.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tc50Ah-hBg]


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