Just when you think that the worlds obsession with the Kardashian’s couldn’t get any more ridiculous.  The Kylie Jenner Pop Up Shop: Holiday Experience, proves the full extent that fans will go just to get their hands on some of the products.  Including follow a long list of tyrannical rules while waiting in line for hours to go in the store to buy her products and branded merchandise.

On top of the laws on Kylie land, most are only allowed 20 minutes in the store at a time to search through all of these products as well as fighting against the fact that there are no price tags on any of the merchandise!  You won’t know how much you are spending until you actually get to the counter.

Some say that the wait is not worth it.  They don’t even allow anyone to be near the store until it opened at 10 AM in the California mall.  And don’t think about arriving right before the store opens because they will tell you “No, you cannot receive a premium wristband for entry”.  and be turned around.

While it seems like a hassle for non- Kylie fans, there are some that are so infatuated that they don’t mind standing in a line for 3 hours just to get a lipstick and t-shirt that they could have purchased online.  Whose to say if the Pop Up Experience will last much longer.

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