Dear Confused,

A year and a half into a relationship, is a decent amount of time to truly see who you’re dealing with into a relationship. If the question comes up whether you should be with someone or not, it means your brain is sensing red flags that you shouldn’t always ignore. No matter what kind of abuse it maybe (Physical,Mental, Substance) it shouldn’t be tolerated within your relationship. His ego needs to be stroked, and screaming in your face and blaming you for things that may not have been your fault is not the answer. You should never have to beg anyone to be apart of your life, so if he wants to leave maybe it’s time to let it go. God maybe one trying to close one door to allow another one to open. Let go of the loser who cannot accept his own flaws or admit to his mistakes. Everyone deserves a fairy tale ending, and a guy screaming in your face or belittling you is not apart of that. Take some time for yourself and enjoy the quiet. Mental abuse is just as bad as physical, sometimes even worst because we never see it as abuse. Please never allow this man or any man to make you feel less than your worth, and when he starts screaming, take the high road and go. 

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