Image result for lipstick on teeth   There is nothing more annoying than to have your makeup on fleek ruined by your lipstick being on your teeth. After Countless moments of the “lip stick on teeth” incidents, I have come to the perfect method to guarantee your teeth free of lipstick.

Step 1 – Line The lips

line your lips with lip liner. This is for the lipstick to stay in place and not run down below the lip shape.

Step 2 – Fill The Lips   Image result for line the lips

Fill The lips with the liner.

Step 3- Fold And grip

find a paper towel or napkin , fold it in half and rest your lips firmly on the fold and pull it from your lips at a steady pace.

Related image Step 4 – Do not pout or open your mouth to apply lipstick

before applying lipstick on your lips do not pout your lips or open your mouth. By closing your mouth it will prevent the lipstick from going the far in on the lips.

Step 5

After applying lipstick you may repeat step 3 to assure your teeth lipstick less.




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