Catch A Vibe With Macy Kate

We had the opportunity to catch up with social media phenom and musical genius Macy Kate. Honestly it felt more like Girl Talk versus an actual interview because she was so transparent with her responses. We talked about fashion, music, and even got some advice for aspiring social media influencers.

Now if you’re still wondering who Macy Kate is (were you living under a rock?) let us bring you up to speed. She is a talented recording artist that also does amazing covers of your favorite songs, gives awesome beauty tips, a total fashionista, I mean the list is endless. Don’t just take our word for it, numbers don’t lie, in fact she actually has over a million followers across her social media platforms!

Now that you’re up to speed, lets dive right in with this Pretty Hustlaz EXCLUSIVE with the talented Macy Kate.


Q: What is one thing that you miss about your hometown, St. Petersburg, FL that you don’t have in LA?

A: I think the people, the people for sure. LA is very saturated, there are so many people chasing after the same thing. I think being home I just feel such a family vibe when I’m home. I feel like I can trust everyone it’s just a whole vibe. LA people are out for themselves and it is very competitive. At the same time it’s a blessing though, because coming from Florida or when you’re on the East Coast or in the Midwest you may be the best person in whatever you do in your area, but here (LA) when you’re around better people you end up getting better and perfecting your craft better from being around them.

Q: Youre only 20 years old and there is a lot of pressure in this industry, what are some things you do to stay grounded?

A: Definitely church is one thing for me that I always stay truthful with. I always like to maintain my faith. As soon as I moved out here my mom was like “you need to find a church, its kind of crazy out there”.  So I definitely needed to find a church out here. God keeps me grounded for sure.

Q: A lot of celebrities say that they never wanted to be a role model. Do you consider yourself a role model?

A: I definitely want to be a role model. My motive going in to music wasn’t ever to be famous or to have my name out there.  I truly had a passion for music and I found a platform on Youtube and social media where I can share it more, and if that can touch certain people or an audience that I could help, I definitely want to do that for sure. I think using your talent or gift for good is always something that I keep in my mind.

Q: Over a million followers on social media, you have to be pushing out amazing content for numbers like that! Can you explain your creative process?

A: I am super hands on with my image/brand basically anything that deals with how I am portrayed online. I do have a management team, a videographer team, and a branding team as well but at the end of the day it’s always my decision. I love being different, going outside the box and taking risks that people wouldn’t want to step into. I like talking about things that people are afraid to talk about or don’t want to talk about; I definitely like hitting those subjects.

Q: Your largest following comes from YouTube, what advice would you give an aspiring YouTuber that wants to start a channel but are discouraged because its so oversaturated?

A: I would just say to be consistent and to have a positive mindset because it is so easy to get discouraged with the views and the views not being up there when you post your first video. That was my struggle; I would post it and not get the views that I wanted. I think some advice if you want to be real technical about it would be picking a topic that is trending and taking it and making it your own and being super creative and original with how you put it out to the online world. I think that is what gets people to watch and continue to be a loyal follower of you. That’s what I do with my cover videos and even my original videos. I take a trending song and completely remake it and make it my own. For example if it was a pop song I would slow it down and do a ballad version of it.

Q: With such a large following, do you miss your privacy at all? Or have you been doing it so long you’re use to it?

A: I think being mentored by one of the best, Flo Rida, he taught me everything when it comes to that type of stuff. I’m not even at the level of where I know it can get. At age 15 I would receive comments about my weight, or what I look good in, or if I had acne on my skin. All of those personal things that I would take offense to I had to learn quickly to not take them personally. I think there is a point where I do miss the privacy and everything but being on the road with Flo and always having family around,staying humble, and just continuing to do life the same way you started and not forgetting where you came from is important. There is specific time I do like to put aside for “me” time and staying grounded, and my faith as I mentioned before. I guess sometimes I do miss a little of it  (privacy) but entering the business this is what you sign up for, you just roll with it and adjust to the new normal. I still made my team promise me that they would still maintain certain things and keep things that need to be on the low, on the low.

Q: Lets talk music, “Vibe” is such a great song! What was your mind state when you created that track?

A: I released my first project in September, it was called “Property” and I was in a super toxic relationship and in a mood. They didn’t really want me to release that song, but I did and it was kind of a relief off my shoulders. So after that I released “Thinking About You” which was another sad and depressing song. Then I released “Vibe” to get out of that headspace. I am out of that toxic relationship and I’m just living my life so I was just throwing shade in all different places and it turned out to be a great song! It was written it in Miami and it was such a good vibe in the room, just amazing writers and producers, just all around a really great vibe.

Q: What’s next for Macy Kate?

A: I will be releasing a ton of new music, I’ve been in the studio for the last couple of months. Continuing with videos. I will have a fashion line coming out as well. I’ve really been into sketching and creating my own outfits as far as stage performances go. A lot of times I get asked where I get certain things but I make a lot of the clothes in my videos and on stage. I mean I cut, sew, and rip, distress-everything! So I’m like why don’t I just create something where they can get those exact pieces straight from me? So that’s what I’ve been working on right now.


Definitely be on the lookout for new music, a fashion line, and of course more amazing covers by the talented Macy Kate. In the meantime check out her latest video “Vibe”.


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