The Queen is always on her #PrettyHustle !! Beyonce of course just can’t stay still even after dropping twins.  The newest business venture she will be dominating is joining her husband on having a stake in an NBA team.  Jay-Z formerly owned a part of the Brooklyn Nets and now that Houston Rockets owner, Les Alexander, has made it public, there are rumors that the Queen may be interested in cutting her own piece of the pie.

The team is possibly going to sell at a wopping $2 Billion dollars.  Though Bey is balling, we don’t think she will buy the whole thing.  Sources close to the R& B turned pop legend say that she will most likely buy into the team with a larger investment firm.

You know Bey loves her home team as her and hubby are seen frequently on the court side cheering them on.  Now her cheering will have a different motive.

Of course we wish the bets for her on this venture to the next level of entrepreneurship.  We will see what plans she has to take over the team and make it her own personal PR vehicle.  I’m sure they are in the works.

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