Oprah recently reveled that she “can’t accept” weighing over 200lbs. Oprah is the queen of self acceptance,  but she admits that comes with limits. . Oprah’s did receive some backlash from the “self acceptance” groups, however she has a valid explanation. “For your heart to pump,  pump, pump, pump, it needs the least amount of weight as possible”, Oprah explained to New York Times Magazine. She continued to say “I can accept myself how I am, I can’t accept myself if I’m over 200 pounds. Oprah also reveled that she has a family history of diabetes and increased weight puts het at risk.

She is not only the queen of talk show and queen of self acceptance, but also the queen of Wall Street. Oprah may be losing weight physically but her pockets are definitely getting fatter. Oprah is expected  to make 8x her original investment in less then two years of buying  shares with Weight Watchers. The investment is speculated a gain of  $341 million.

Oprah lost about 40lbs using the weight watchers system and sales for the company began to improve. In an age where everyone is using apps, and shakes, and cleanses, Weight Watchers faced tough competition. They have seen a steady increase since bring Oprah on board.

I commend Oprah in an age where its easier to lay on the table then do it the old fashion way, she is proving it can be done.

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