For flawless makeup picking the perfect foundation for your skin type is crucial. There are countless of options to choose from Liquid, Cream, Cream-To-Powder, full coverage, etc. Narrowing down your search and saving as much time as possible is knowing your skin. 

Acne-Prone Skin

If you are one more prone to acne, medium to full coverage foundation is recommended. Full coverage foundations cover the skin’s imperfections and give your skin an even flawless look. It is recommended to choose a liquid foundation as it is very light on the surface.

Aging Skin

Tinted moisturizer is highly advised for aging skin. It is excellent for creating a radiant skin tone and providing lightweight coverage.

Heavy foundation can settle into fine lines and wrinkles, a light coverage liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer is perfect for a flawless look.

Dry Skin

For dry skin, a liquid foundation is recommended to save the day. It gives your skin the needed hydration for a clean and dewy finish. It is less likely to cling to dry patches and fill in any creases, dilated pores, and fine lines. You may also use a stick foundation. Stick foundation provides coverage for imperfections on the skin.

Oily Skin

To minimize a shiny appearance, be sure to choose a medium to full coverage foundation. Medium coverage foundations conceal mild flaws and even-out skin tones. Powder foundation is also recommended. This kind of foundation is best used on oily skin due to it’s lightweight and ability to provide a natural matte finish. 

Combination Skin

for combination skin, its easy to stay on the safe side and get a slightly matte foundation. It will keep the T-zone oiliness at bay, and you can always add a highlight to your cheeks for a slight glow. however, if you want your skin to act 100 percent right using two separate foundations and blending them is an

Sensitive Skin

 Individuals with Sensitive skin should use mineral Foundations. The foundation is free of talc, mineral oil, alcohol, preservatives, and fragrances perfect for easily inflamed skin. 

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