Heyyy Mrs Carter, Welcome Carter Twins to Social Media

Mrs. Carter was on everyone’s timelines in the wee hours on Friday morning, when she released pictures of the twins Sir Carter and Rumi Carter. Beyoncé looking flawless as always, appeared with a floral backdrop holding the one month old twins. It is reported that the babies were born prematurely and spent a little extra time in the hospital. The babies are both doing fine at this time.

Its rumored at the time of birth, things got pretty ugly with the Carters, Mama Tina and Matthew Knowles. The Carters did not want him present for the birth with fear he would leak information or even pictures. Matthew was ultimately the one who announced the birth via social media.


Beyoncé’s twin reveal also revealed her body looking perfect. Sources are saying Beyoncé is not working out and has been following doctors orders to take it easy. She has maintained a healthy diet and is doing great.






The same day the baby pictures were revealed, photos of Bey and Jay emerged on what looked as though they were having a date night. The couple were spotted in Los Angeles heading to a Roc Nation party for artist Vic Mensa. Both Lemonade and 4:44 exposed the world to some possible past marital problems with the Carters. Right now, the couple appears to be happy post birth of the twins.

We can’t forget about the first princess Miss Blu! She’s busy being a big sister and helping mom out with the twins. According to Tina Knowles, Blu is a great big sister to the twins. Blu had Bey and Jay to herself for five years, but it appears she is adjusting well.

Just like Blu Ivy, Sir Carter and Rumi Carter’s names have been trademarked. Rumi is believed to be named after the 13th century poet Rumi, however there is much confusion with Sir Carter. Is his name Sir Carter Carter or Sir Carter?  Now there are still rumors that Jay Z took on Beyoncé’s last name and the children have her surname.  Right now this still remains a mystery.


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