We don’t know where Ushers next hit is coming from in the music game but we know that his next hit in life is coming from the 3 additional people that are suing him for allegedly giving them herpes.

A couple of years ago, Usher settled out in a lawsuit with a celebrity stylist that he had sexual intercourse with around the time that he was divorcing his first wife, who he gave herpes to.  Not only did he give her the disease, he lied to her about having it after she asked him about his sexual health while peeping a discharge coming from his penis.  The settlement happened quietly and recently surfaced in tabloids publicly.

Since then, 3 more people, 2 women and a man, have came forward claiming that they have herpes and they received it from Usher and are demanding reparations as well.  Celebrity attorney, Lisa Bloom, is leading the charges against Usher and said she will be filing motions Monday followed by a press conference in New York, where one of the female victims will be present.  The other 2 accusers want to remain anonymous, they will probably settle outside of court, but whoever the female is that wants this spotlight, we can only imagine how far this is going to go.

Apparently his new wife is unbothered by all thats going on.  I guess she was aware of his status and has already made her accommodations.  We’ll see how this unfolds in the next couple of months, Usher thought it was over when he settled with the stylist a couple of years back, but it really has just begun.

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