Our mission is stopping at nothing to make your dream become a reality. Of course there will be times when it’ll seem like it’s taking a lifetime but as long as you continue to hustle when the right time comes you’ll see the results sometimes in an overflow.

Rasheeda is the perfect example of that. She has single handily shown us the art of her hustle. Here’s 5 reasons why we think she’s a breath of inspiration. 

1. She’s a mother

2. Owner of the popular Pressed Boutique with 2 locations

3. Owner of Frost Bistro restaurant with her husband

4. A Recording Artist

5. TV personality

And the ability to seemingly do it all at once shows just how powerful she is. It doesn’t stop there

Rasheeda and Kirk have been heavily criticized for their controversial marriage.

despite the marital challenges Rasheeda and Kirk recently celebrated their 20 year anniversary and her song “Marry Me” comes to mind. The popular TikTok song was released back in 2012 and 8 years later is now one of the most played songs on social media! This too shows us that timing is everything. 

Check out this super cute TikTok she did with her son



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So Karter was like come on Mom let’s do a TikTok with your song ??? #putitonhimmakehimwannamarryme #marryme

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If never giving up no matter how bad it looked was a person.


Keep inspiring girl, we love it!

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