Testimony Tuesday: From Pain to Passion

From Pain to Passion

For many, music isn’t just something you put on when you want to dance. For some of us, it is therapy, healing, and a complete escape from reality. It has done wonders for me and I’m sure other creatives feel the same way.
Imagine growing up without your parents present and not knowing where your next meal is coming from. You have no friends, and when you go to school each day you are bullied for things you can’t change! As a child how do you release that pressure? That type of pain can drive a person insane if you don’t manage it or express it. Music is a great outlet to channel and release that pain. It doesn’t matter if you create the music or just listen to it.

Meet Anastasia

Independent artist Anastasia Silver can relate to this all too well. That’s her story you just read above and as a result, since the age of four she’s been writing, singing, and performing to heal the wounds of a difficult childhood. She has also used her gift of giving to empower and motivate those who have suffered in similar situations. Anastasia truly believes in making a positive impact through GIVING and MUSIC and we commend that on The Pretty Hustle. With communiTEA being a priority, she heavily supports organizations such as: The Rajaratnam Foundation, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, and she is the newest ambassador for the SOS Foundation.

After years of preparation and service, Anastasia is ready to take EDM and pop culture by storm with her eclectic upbeat sound and positive vibes.  Her second single “Up in Smoke” from her debut album “Damn” surrounds how she is overcoming the pressures of life moment by moment. The uptempo beat makes you move, while the slow breakdown in the chorus adds emotion. A VIBE! Stay on the lookout for Ms.Anastasia she is a rising star.

If you like an Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez type of feel be sure to add it to your library on iTunes, Amazon, ReverbNation, and Spotify! If you like what you hear go ahead and follow Anastasia on Instagram to stay updated with her major moves @Stasiavuu.


We all have things that we are struggling with but what we need to understand is how to use our gifts and talents to cope. Believe it or not many of our favorite entertainers have used their pain and transformed it into passion and great success just as Anastasia has. For example, Dababy shared how he recently lost his father in the midst of gaining his global success as a new rap artist. Beyonce used the pain from the infidelity in her marriage to create one of the best album’s shes made to date. Anastasia has began an amazing career by redirecting her pain to music and giving back to people in need and you can too if you’re hurting. Make the conscious decision to transform negative feelings like anger and resentment into art (music, poems, paintings etc) or action (yoga, walking, working out). You never know we could be reading your pain to passion success story!

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