How to Navigate your Corporate Holiday Party.

While the Holidays are a joyous time of year attending Holiday Parties with your Co-Workers can cause anxiety for many. Don’t worry we’ve compiled a few tips to allow you to let your hair down, just a tad.

What to Wear?

When selecting your attire try to spice it up a bit by wearing sequins , prints or pops of color. Keep it work appropriate by erring on the conservative side. For example, reveal your arms or shoulders but not your legs. As a rule of thumb if Beyonce’s “Freakum Dress” comes to mind when you’ve assembled your outfit CHANGE!


Who do I bring?

Most Corporations allow you to bring a plus one. This is not the time to test out a new relationship nor bring your BFF for a “free” girl’s night out. You should reserve your plus one for your polished Spouse or long-term Significant Other. (also see ‘What to talk about?’)

My Boss will be there , what should I talk about?

This is an opportunity for you to discuss topics unrelated to work . Keep your conversation fun and light-hearted to keep with the festive theme.  Do not discuss Religion, Politics nor Money. Do talk about a favorite concert, your dog or even a recent vacation. Show your ability to be likable makes you more memorable and can even lead to that raise you’ve been wanting.


To Drink or Not to Drink ?…And  other “Party Favors”.

In an Adult social setting having a drink or two is the norm. If you’re not much of a drinker at least keep a non-alcoholic drink in your hand. Psychologically. the appearance of having a drink helps your co-workers feel more comfortable should they choose to indulge. On the other end of the spectrum , this is NOT the time to get litty at the open bar. Exercise restraint…if you see a co-worker inebriated or exhibiting inappropriate behavior, take note and MIND YOUR BUSINESS!





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