Looking out over the balcony, you allow the music to take over our subconscious. The lovely melodies caress the back of your neck as you grasp the concept of the hook and begin to nod your head to the rhythm . How was the view I just painted? That’s...

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Men, Women, Transgender… Oh My!

“Christie, go to the bathroom.” “Mommy. I’m scared because there is someone who looks like a big man walking in.” As they glance at the bathroom entry ways, Christie’s mother immediately feels the tension her daughter was uncomfortable with. “You’re right darling, we’ll go to the Publix across the...

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Birdman Ain’t Playing!

Birdman Ain't Playing!

“Give respect where respect is due” has been a long term statement for people to hold on to.  It is the true American way.  Rapper and Entrepeneur Birdman felt really American this morning during his interview, or walk thru, with the breakfast club. Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God, and...

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Lil Kim Season

Damn Daniel! She is back at it again with heat for the streets!!  That’s right, your favorite bad b***h is back with a new mixtape and it’s already got the hood going crazy!  NY Native Lil Kim brought you all Lil Kim Season this week.  She has over 17,000...

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Kardashian Klux Klan

The Kardashian Klan is forever finding a way to make headlines!  Whether it’s positively because they made loads of money off of an emoji release or negatively because one of them has lashed out on social media.   Whatever the case, right now Hollywood buzz is surrounded around the...

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Pretty Hustla Spotlight: Ash Cash Money

              Pretty Hustlaz are built with Purpose, presence & perseverance.  Our ingredients are special and can’t be replicated.  Most definitely the case for Closet Freekz Vintage Warehouse owner & CEO Ashley “AshCashMoney” Boiling. Hailing from Jacksonville, FL she built her legacy in Orlando...

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