Pretty Hustla Spotlight: Ash Cash Money

              Pretty Hustlaz are built with Purpose, presence & perseverance.  Our ingredients are special and can’t be replicated.  Most definitely the case for Closet Freekz Vintage Warehouse owner & CEO Ashley “AshCashMoney” Boiling. Hippie_Jumper_Rainbow_front_grande

Hailing from Jacksonville, FL she built her legacy in Orlando while attending UCF.  Through adversity & tension of being a college student turned Hustla, turned entrepreneur she coined her purpose. Most would run from a task as daunting as such, but she accepted and turned up her perseverance levels !images

               Closet Freekz Vintage Warehouse was started in the living room of her apartment, with just online shopping options. She took the presence she acquired while at UCF to take the vintage scene in Central Florida by force! Since then she has moved into 2 physical locations only growing larger.  Closet Freekz is known for its one of a kind pieces and adventurous taste,  There are rarely any pieces that come in more than one, so you know your dab will look unique every day. Offering apparel for men and women of various sizes, the inventory is endless!  They also have accessories, shades, hats and coming soon: shoes!M00OBJac  
                   Along with Closet Freekz, Ash Cash also models, has managed models, hosts, styles, and designs!  She is a jack of all trades as we know that most Pretty Hustlaz have to be, but wears her hats very well.  The most important job she holds is a mentor.  Daily pouring into males and females lives inspiration and hope.  Her legacy will forever live, and her influence will only grow from here.  

               She will be opening her newest physical location this Spring in Downtown Orlando.  Check out the looks now on in the meanwhile!



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