“Give respect where respect is due” has been a long term statement for people to hold on to.  It is the true American way.  Rapper and Entrepeneur Birdman felt really American this morning during his interview, or walk thru, with the breakfast club. image

Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God, and DJ Envy are some of the most disliked people in entertainment because they freely express the way that they feel about those in the industry, even if it means getting cursed out here and there.  Recently, we put you guys in the loop about Angela Yee getting her share of the fire from R&B artist K.Michelle a couple of weeks back and now it looks like someone has came to the show locked and loaded again!!  This time, aiming for all 3 heads of the cast.  Birdman and his enter outage walked into the breakfast club for air his morning and were shocked by the greeting they received.

He stood in front of them, threw his glasses down on the table and said with his hands crossed “Before we get this s**t started, I just wanna let y’all know something.  Stop playing with my name.  Stop playing with my f*****g name. “. Charlamagne tries to intersect and calm the star down as he takes his seat.  Birdman doesn’t let him finish his statements and continues to rant.

image“Just stop playing with my f*****g name.  When y’all bring up my name, respect it.  All tree (his accent taking over) ‘uh y’all.  Stop playing. I’m not saying it no mo’.”

Cast members didn’t feel it was necessary to keep the commotion going off air so they started broadcast with their usual introduction and Charlamagne of course didn’t east anytime addressing it now that the ball was in his court: the radio content.

“He done cursed us out.  Tell ’em how you feeling Birdman. Get it off of your chest. I don’t understand your angle, why come here?”

Birdman let them know that he wasn’t going to talk about it anymore.  Of course, Charlamagne wasn’t going to drop it though.  This was his show and he wanted answers.  After they wrestle over the answer and the continuation of the interview, Birdman finally decided he was done.  He gets up, takes his fan group and leaves the station quietly.

imageDJ Envy makes a statement jokingly that it was “the shortest interview that the Breakfast Club” ever had.  There is always something memorable happening on the breakfast club.


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