PhotoGrid_1459240551447-1              Public safety and immunity for all individuals is something we all pray for.  It seems to be becoming more than usual that we have to think twice about our safety in and outside of the country.  Within hours of each other, two different countries are involved in major attacks of aggression.  Possibly more than that but these are the two making

               The most devastating was a hostage and suicide terrorist on an EgyptAir flight headed to Cairo.  In route of the flight from Alexandria, the pilot of the 80 passenger plane was approached by what seemed  to be an innocent passenger.  He proceeds to hijack the plane making known the explosives taped to his waistline and forces the plane to land in Cyprus, Lanarca  shortly after the plane landed off schedule, officials were alerted of the crisis and negotiations were immediately put on the table as the Egyptian native refused to allow anyone off of the aircraft.  Shortly after, most of the passengers are released and no one on the flight had been harmed.  There were 5 EgyptAir employees and 4 foreign passengers whose nationality had not been confirmed, still left on the plane.

               Negotiators working the case say that they are not sure if this attack is specifically terrorist inspired.  The armed passenger claims that he just wants a letter to be sent to his girlfriend.  It has everyone puzzled.  Did he really go to  this extreme just to share his affection for his loved one?!  If so, don’t we all wish we had a man working this hard to show us his love!2039

              By noon today all of the hostages were released from the plane and the terrorist was in custody.  There were no fatalities and we are not sure if his girlfriend took him back yet.  

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