Moonshine has long been deemed somewhat of hillbilly folklore. As a child, I would hear stories from my Elders and even read about the bootlegger’s “hooch.” Up until 2010 Moonshine has been outlawed in the United States. The high-proof unaged whiskey also was considered a “Man’s Man” drink, soo myself as a Millennial Woman has never had the pleasure of having my own Moonshine experience. That is until I recently connected with Greg West, Owner of Wild Creek Distillery.

After sharing my secret obsession with Moonshiner Culture with Greg, he decided to send me a bottle. I was hastily checking my mailbox for the delivery, I opened the package, and I found not one, but TWO bottles of this mysterious white lightning. I stared at the bottle for a while, and I chickened out. I was scared, of this 80% Proof liquor as I only drink on occasion.

I gave myself a pep talk, and I decided to do what any smart Woman would do when needing advice…I phoned a friend (laugh). That friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) is the Owner of a Performance Venue and Bar here in the Orlando, Fl area. I took a “field trip” to share this product, and he loved it so much he told me they’d contact their Distributor about having Wild Creek Moonshine as a staple in their establishment.

I called Greg, gave him the feedback, and he said: “That’s great, but did YOU try it?”. I stumbled a bit over my words to tell him “No, I was scared.” Soo Greg tells me in his southern drawl “Well there’s two kinds of Moonshine the “Fighting Kind” and “Loving Kind, Wild Creek is the Loving Kind, make yourself a cocktail and try it out.”

I made dinner last night for my Main Squeeze, and as I loaded the dishwasher, there on my granite countertops  Wild Creek Peach Cobbler was staring at me. So I put on my big girl panties and make my rendition of the “Moon-Rita,” with lime juice, ice and rim the glass with pink Himalayan sea salt (shrug). I close my eyes and I sip and sip and sip…I begin to feel this warm, cozy sensation. I laugh and think to myself “ohhh it is the loving kind”!

Check out the proper way to make a Wild Creek “Moon-Rita.”
Pretty Hustlaz comment with your Moonshine experience and what cocktails you’re enjoying this Summer. 

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