The cat came out of the bag this weekend at one of the most unexpected times.  Making one of the game’s most exclusive rappers want to close the doors to his lifestyle once and for all.  Drake held a memorial day party to enjoy the holiday, invited a couple of colleagues and attractive women over to join the merriment, and ended up with a thot-saster.  

imageTowards the end of the night, a fight broke out between 2 little girls.  I use this word strongly because only LITTLE girls would fight the way these two were carrying on.  The worst part is that both of them were in dresses!  Moving all over the party, other guests were afraid to break it up because they were quarreling so aggressively.  The video released shows one girl being pounded in the face as she lay on the ground with her opponent hovering her.  Who knows how the event ended, but Tiffany, Sherry, Alexis, or whoever probably won’t be attending any more of the Toronto native’s private soirees ever again.  

Check out the video clip below to see part of the action!  

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