Today, Demi Lovato was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital with suspicions of drug overdose. Lovato, who in the past has been very open about addiction in her music has been listed in stable condition.

When we think about addiction, we normally think of that crazy guy on the corner who there is no question is on drugs. Or even a family member that you may hear relatives discussing as a child. We rarely think about our Hollywood heroes. Our favorite musicians, movie stars, producers, or artist.

Addiction is such a hidden illness. Not everyone that is an addict looks like they guy on the corner, or the neighborhood “crackhead”. There are a lot of people who suffer from addiction that is able to wear a mask and blend in with the rest of society. This is often the case with our Hollywood favorites.

Demi who is only 25 years old checked into rehab for the first time in 2010 while struggling with bulimia, mental illness and addiction. Yes, you read correctly 2010! Which means she was only 17 years old. She relapsed shortly after being released and admitted herself into another treatment center. Demi revealed in March that she had been sober and drug free for 6 years. However, on June 21 with the release of her new single “Sober”, she revealed that she had again relapsed. Demi’s drug use can be dated back to the age of 16, during her Disney Channel “Camp Rock” days.

Addiction is one of those Hollywood secrets. We know drug use is happening… we just don’t always recognize the addicts. In the recent month celebrities have been taking off the mask and revealing their not so perfect lives which unfortunately does include addictions. There have also been those celebrities who couldn’t cope and chose to solve temporary issues with the permanent solution of suicide. On Monday (July 23), R Kelly released a 19 minute single entitled “I admit”. Sadly the world criticized him about not admitting to what we wanted to hear, however did admit to demons that he faced. He admitted that he had been tempted by drugs and that he just needs a hug.

Being a celebrity is tough I am sure. However, growing up and spending the majority of your life in front for an audience has to be rough. Sadly, addiction is the way some celebrities choose to cope. Fellow members of Hollywood have shown an outpouring of support to Demi including Lady GaGa, country singer Brad Paisley, Ellen DeGeneres and many more. On social media the hashtag #prayforDemi is trending.

We have lost so many Hollywood icons to addiction, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix,Heath Ledger, and Anna Nicole Smith to name a few. Legends gone because addictions won the battle. In the the age of social media it definitely harder for celebrities as they are loved on social media but also get the daily hate of trolls towards them, family members and their friends. Addiction is way some choose to cope. There are some celebrities open with their addiction but there are many hidden addictions.

Anyone reading this that turns to drugs or alcohol, cutting or any other form addiction for self gratification I encourage you to stop and get help! Celebrities you have fans that love you and look up to you. If you are not a celebrity I want you to know the same, that you are special and loved.Find the nearest drug treatment center near you and get help. The addiction does give you a moment of satisfaction, but it won’t fix the permanent emptiness the you feel and could lead to more problems. Get help!

Our prayers tonight are with Demi Lovato and her family, as well as all that are fighting addiction.

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