jason-mitchell-Easy_EStraight Outta Compton star Jason Mitchell is in just as much hot water as he was in inside the film.  He allegedly assaulted a younger female in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton a few dos ago.  Stories from those inside the hotel say that she was trying to get access into a private party, when she was denied, she slapped Mitchell and he retaliated.  The police spoke with him on the scene and the Ritz banned him from returning, but there were no arrests made.

Within the last 24 hours there has been new evidence come to the surface.  A video from the victim!  TMZ posted the video this morning of the victim, Emily Marquez, and her cousin who was at the scene of the incident as well.  She claims that they were in the car, Mitchell made a pass at her sexually and she denied him from getting close on her neck and in her personal space.  He supposedly felt embarrassed because he was in front of his homeboys, and viscously grabbed Marquez’s wrist.  As a reaction, she slapped him instantly.  As they were walking away from wherever they were in this car, Mitchell grabbed Marquez by her hair and drug her to the ground.  When she went to the hospital, they told her her neck and wrist were sprained.  Jason-Mitchell

These stories sound like they didn’t even happen in the same location, so I am intrigued to see what happens next.  Jason Michell has made some comments on twitter but nothing serious or any sort of announcement.  Marquez openly admitted in the video that she was going to be pressing charges though.

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