On the recent episode of Love & Hip Hop, cast member Bridget Kelly heads to London to promote her brand new album. Filled with excitement, Bridget  invites her friends to come along with her. Expecting to give them a break from everything they were going through back home and get some well needed support, this seemed to be right on time. That is until her friends started to make a business trip all about them. Brooke & La’Britney crashes her interview taking all the attention and making unwanted suggestions. While Teairra has a break down when asked about her sex tape. Bridget learned a valuable lesson. You can’t take every one along with you on your journey. It may sound cliché but…

Elevation requires separation.

Had Bridget taken this trip by herself she would have been able to get things done and focus on the matter at hand. Instead she ended up being overshadowed in her own interview as well as having to stop to make sure Teairra was OK. Sometimes, we need to work & rest without being disturbed. This is when isolation becomes a requirement. I totally understand that doing things alone can be scary. You may be used to having your friends around because familiarity is comforting however,

Nothing worth having resides in your comfort zone.

In no shape of form am I saying drop your friends’ altogether.  What I am saying, is understand that there are somethings you have to do alone. When you do decide to bring someone along, being selective is imperative. Choose people who encourage you and want what’s best for you. Unfortunately, when chasing a dream, not everyone will understand nor will they have your best interests at heart. It’s a harsh truth but a truth nonetheless. Once you come to terms with this, then you my friend are ready to soar. We are more than half way through the season but you can catch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood on Monday nights at 8 pm. Have you been watching this season?  What do you think about this season’s shenanigans?

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