Music festivals are amazing events that bring people together to celebrate their love for music and the arts. Let us tell you the pompano fall festival was lit on every level! Of course Juvenile, Jagged Edge, JT Money all blessed the stage but you already knew we were going up for .Kelly Price and Kut Klose,  legends in the R&B music game. 

Kelly Price is a Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and actress, known for her soulful voice and inspirational songs. Kut Klose, on the other hand, is an R&B trio known for their harmonious vocals and hit songs such as “I Like” and “Surrender.”

Major salute to TDogg the pompano fall festival brought the vibes and that crazy line up sure nuff brought the people! 

Peep the flicks and do not miss the next one! 

Photo credit: JR Photo 

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