Social media is a place where people can interact and network. Users are able to facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression. With that being said, people have taken their futures into their own hands. Long gone are the days where we allow companies to spoon feed us content and talent. Queen Naija’s journey began on Facebook. She was ½ of Chris and Queen. As their popularity grew, the young couple became relationship goals for over 2 million people. After a public breakup, Queen worked to build her own identity separate of her husband Chris. She left the YouTube channel they built together and started on a path of her own. Queen felt she owed an explanation and closure to her day 1 fans so she recorded Medicine, little did she know that song would be the start of a budding music career.

On July 27, 2018, Queen Naija released her first EP. The self-entitled project includes 5 songs and clocks in at 17 mins including “Medicine”. The song was dedicated to the singer’s ex-husband and was recorded shortly after the official breakup. She belts about giving him a taste of his own medicine. Karma is the next song set for release. Queen sings heartfelt lyrics “Go ahead and have your fun now, remember what comes around goes around”. The next track is beautiful song dedicated to her son entitled “Mama’s hand” something I’m sure mothers young and old will identify with. Queen comes off as extremely mature. The 22 year old is a mother and now recently divorced. Butterflies reminds us that she is still a young lady growing into her own and still believing in true love. It’s my personal favorite from the EP. The project closes with Bad Boy, a song where Queen sings about the excitement of having a bad boy although she is a good girl. “Queen Naija” is a solid project. With all she’s been through right in front of our eyes since it’s all played out on social media, Its bitter sweet to see Queen move past it all to fulfill her dreams for herself and her son. If you’re not sure where to listen, it can be found on all major platforms. Let us know your favorite track below.


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