Football is Back

It’s been 5 whole months without football, 5 long depressing months. However at the end of the storm there is always a rainbow and football is back! Since the Super Bowl ended I’ve been twiddling my thumbs waiting for this very moment. I may be exaggerating a little bit because we won’t see any preseason action until 8/7  but training camp started this past weekend and there has been nothing but sheer excitement for the start of the season. And contrary to popular belief there are a lot of us women that enjoy football, at least I know a lot of women that enjoy the game. Me personally I’ve been a football fan since birth, it’s in my DNA  and on top of being an athlete watching football gives me an adrenaline rush that I can’t explain. But this blog isn’t for my women that know football, it’s really for those out there that might be a little clueless about it. So here are some ways to help you make it through the season….


Rule # 1: Don’t ask what’s going on during a game

The most annoying thing about watching sports, is watching sports with someone who has no clue what’s going on. Conversations about what just happened are null and void when the game is on. What I do suggest you do is; check out the internet and find sources that’ll explain football to you. Here’s one for your convenience



Rule #2: Don’t plan any activities….period

Yes, I know it’s hard to do BUT if you have a significant other it’s going to be extremely hard to pry them away from the TV or their phone during football season. There are certain events that take precedence over football i.e. weddings. Last year the opening weekend of college football I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and I missed a whole day of college football. I was extremely sad BUT anything for my brother and now sister-n-law.


Rule #3: Pick a team and stick with them

The one thing you don’t want to become is a bandwagon fan. These are people that hop on the “who’s hot this season bus.” It’s still early and preseason is about to start so you get to see the teams in action before they play. However, please have your team picked by September 1st.


Rule #4: Don’t be the annoying girl friend

Men like to watch football in peace so during football season is not the time to seek attention. If you really want to bond with your significant other during the season; take him to a game, cook for him so he’ll have food durng the game, watch the game with him. It’ll all pay off during the holidays, trust me! Lol


Rule #5: Don’t stalk players via social media

No explanation for this. JUST. DON’T. DO. IT it’s not lady like and it’s not cute.


Rule #6: Refer to Rule # 1



Rule #7: Have fun

Football is really about having fun, you get to gather, eat, drink and trash talk. So I encourage everybody whether or not you’re into football  to just catch a game or two this season. You’ll be surprised at how exciting the game really is.




NFL pre-season begins on August 8, 2016 check out the link below for a complete list of nationally televised games and times:


College football kicks off on August 26, 2016 with the Hawaii vs California game at 9pm ON ESPN. However Labor Day weekend the NCAA season will be in full affect. Click the following link to see a complete week 1 schedule:






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