Lifestyle Work Out Tips for a Better 2016

It’s the beginning of the year and most women’s New Years Resolution was simple: be a better me. Whether it be for toning or tightening purposes, women want to feel better and be in better shape overall. There are many lifestyle habits that are simple changes, yet will ultimately make your days more productive and your mind function better throughout the day. Here are a couple of things… Drinking one cup of room temperature water when you wake up / before you go to sleep ­ It’s a good way to purify your internal system. ­ It cleanses your colon which enables better absorption of nutrients from various foods. ­ It makes your skin glow. ­ It Renews cells & balances the lymph system. Stretching your Limbs / Midsection when you wake up / before you go to sleep ­ It helps with Improving daily posture. ­ It Reduces the aches and pains from cramping muscles. ­ You have greater amounts of energy during the day. Plan your day first thing in the morning for 15 minutes. ­ This will allow you to get more tasks done in the time you have during the day. ­ Your schedule will flow easier because you have had time to think about it before it was time to act. ­ Your weekly / monthly goals will become more attainable and less stressful to reach. Working out is one of the most fundamental steps in creating and keeping a healthy lifestyle though; It ties a lot of those tips above together. It is also the hardest for most people, especially women. Below are some exercises that are simple, not very straining to start, but will still give you all of the benefits of working out! ­ Side Lunge to Curtsy Squat Reps: 10 each side Holding a 10­pound dumbbell at your chest, step your left leg wide to the left coming into a lateral lunge, bending your left knee. Keep your chest lifted and your weight in your left heel. Push off with your left foot, and cross the left leg behind your right coming into a curtsy, bending both knees. This completes one rep. Step out to the left returning to your side lunge; continue alternating between these two moves for a total of 10 reps. On the last rep hold the curtsy and pulse up and down in a one­inch range 10 times to work the glutes even more. Then repeat on the other side. Combining these two moves will work your butt from multiple angles to help lift and sculpt your backside.

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Woodchop Reps: 12 each side Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip­width holding a 10­pound dumbbell. Squat and twist to the right, bringing the weight to the outside of your right knee. Exhale and twist to the left while raising your arms overhead, pivoting on your right foot. This completes one rep. Do 12 reps on each side. We love a full­body ab exercise for functional fitness, and this move works the entire middle of your body, firming the muffin­top area.

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Single­Leg Touch Reps: 12 each side Holding a 10­pound dumbbell in your right hand, stand on your left leg with your right foot lifted. Keeping your back flat, bend your left knee while bending forward at your hips to lightly touch the dumbbell to the ground. Keep your right knee bent and your right leg close to your body. Push through your left heel and return to the starting position to complete one rep; try to keep your right foot off the ground as you complete all your reps. Do 12 reps each leg.This exercise fires up your booty through a large range of motion while working your entire lower body too

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Elbow Plank With Alternating Arm Reach Reps: 20 reps, alternating sides Start in an elbow plank with your palms facing up. With your abs pulled toward your spine, reach your right arm forward keeping your torso as still as possible. Bring your elbow back to the mat. This completes one rep. Repeat on the other side and continue alternating sides for 20 reps total. Elbow planks work the entire front of the body, but adding the arm reach forces your abs to kick into high gear to stabilize your torso.

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Sumo Squat Series Reps: 10 squats, 10 pulses, 10 pulses knees back, 10 pulses with heel up Begin in a wide stance with your legs turned out and your toes pointed outward. With your hands at your chest, perform 10 squats in this position, making sure your bent knees do not move beyond your toes. Hold your last squat and slowly pulse up and down in a one­inch range 10 times. Maintain your squat and press your knees slightly back 10 times feeling your glutes engage with each slow pulse back. Still holding your squat lift your right heel, and pulse up and down in a one­inch range 10 times before switching sides.

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In 2016, let’s create a better life for ourselves by starting with the #1 sector of our lives: mind and body. It takes less than one hour every morning to add these things to your morning routine, and I promise you will start seeing more productive days! Recap of tips… Drinking your glass of water (5 minutes or less) Planning your day (15 minutes or less) Stretching (10 minutes or less) Light workout (20 minutes or less)

Written By WorldWideKeege. Images By Popsugar Studios.


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